My love of video production goes back to a childhood facination with photography, TV and music. In the 70's I used Reel-to-Reel tape and cassettes to edit music and later drag shows for Pokeys where I  was resident DJ for 3 years
1979 to 1983.

When I bought my first VHS Video machine it was a portable back-pack unit that
I took around the world. Editing of video came next and so by the time I got to the
Xchange I was ready to introduce fully mixed and produced video entertainment to Melbourne.

In 1986 it was all done on tape, the 90's went digital and from 2K it was all computer. Our DJ's started to mix videos into their music programmes first with VCD and then DVD. The video legacy of the Xchange is one of the main inspirations for doing this site and I hope you enjoy these "Re-Runs"!



On The Road
On The Road

We often went out to video event, parties
special occasions and of course for the shows!
This section is for all things outside of the Xchange
Le Gors's Videos, Lucy, Jenny, Dulcie and more

Of course what you all saw was to live finalle
of all this "filming" the Shows!
These are videos of live performances, special
events and anything recorded whilst you were there.

Musiv Video
Show Extras
A big part of the Xchange were the Xclusive
Music/Videos that were produced in house,
many using showgirls and guys and lots
of techno visuals and animation

These are the videos that opened the shows or played during
the night. They supported a performance to add to the show.
The Xchange was one of the 1st venues in the world to have inhouse production video in Drag shows.